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Listed below, you will find some of our local business's and organizations. For more information, click on the image and you will be taken to their own website.

Cokeville Chamber of Commerce


The Cokeville Chamber of Commerce actively promotes business, commerce, and a high quality of life in Cokeville. The Chamber sponsors several initiatives and activities throughout the year including the annual 4th of July Celebration, a Christmas Lighting Contest, the Citizen of the Year Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and more. The Chamber also works actively on many economic development initiatives.



We are Cokeville's local non-profit


The purposes for which the Cokeville Miracle Foundaion is formed are, in general, to promote, sponsor and carry out projects which will enhance the community quality of life, encourage personal and community growth, recognize and encourage worthy achievement, aknowledge the blessing of heaven, assist fellow citizens and create extraordinary memorials to great lives and events tht have affected our community and the larger world.

             (Article I. Bylaws of Cokeville Miracle Foundation)


The Historical Society


The Cokeville Historical Society is proud to present  to you, the casual historian with with an overview of the history of the Cokeville area.  In addition, for the serious genealogist, we have on display a significant number of secondary headstone and death records for research purposes.  Together now, let us take a trip back through time...


The Community Coop


Helping bring our community together with local shopping options.


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